welcome to your safe place

breathe in deeply. exhale slowly. you are safe here always.

tw: suicide, self harm, eating disorders, death in some of the links

other mental health carrds

important links

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i need you to hear this:

  • you are valued

  • your life matters

  • your thoughts and feelings matter

  • the world is a better place because you’re in it

  • it’s ok if all you did today was get out of bed

  • it’s ok if you are struggling

  • it’s ok if you can’t be strong all the time

  • you are important

  • you have touched more people than you will ever know

  • i am happy that you are alive

  • i'm proud of you for getting through another day

  • please don’t hurt yourself, be kind to yourself especially when it’s hard

here is a list of resources to help you through it:

all about therapy

skills + resources

when you need therapy

calming resources


creative diy craft activities

for bad days

apps and games

mental health products


dm me if you need to talk, have any questions, want to give feedback or if any links are missing that you want to be added :)

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